Why EVERYONE Needs “Extreme Weather”…The Book, That Is!

Growing up in the southern U.S., I have encountered my share of extreme weather events.  But never an earthquake.  Last year, in a town less than 25 miles from my childhood home, a series of earthquakes damaged homes and businesses, marking a new era–the era of no “safe” place. In fact, that has always been the case, as many know a huge earthquake rocked the Midwest in 1811, causing the mighty Mississippi to flow backwards.  

The reason relatively few people know about the New Madrid quake is simple–almost no one was living there in that  era.  Of course, 202 years later, things are much different.  Geologists say that if the same quake hit today, up to 2 million people would be killed.  Bottom line–no place is safe.  Extreme weather is now the norm–everywhere. How do we deal with this reality?  The only choice we have is to be prepared.

That’s where “Extreme Weather”…the book, that is….comes in.  Meteorologist Bonnie Schneider of CNN and now Bloomberg fame, has crafted a masterpiece.  Although the book is full of practical advice that can literally save your life, this is far from a boring “reference guide”.  Bonnie brilliantly utilizes riveting first-hand accounts and captivating stories of courage and resilience lead you in, then provides easy-to-use information that can literally save your life. Full of checklists, references, and useful narratives, the book is in my humble opinion the best guide to individual and family preparedness ever written.  

We are now entering the “heavy lifting” phase of my work with the EDA/FEMA Economic Recovery Support Function in Oklahoma, in which we are supporting the increase in capacity for both businesses and communities to withstand and recover from disasters. You can bet I will be using this, along with other great sources of information, to help support further building of resilience in a state that already takes pride in being the most prepared in the nation. That statement speaks volumes about the quality and usefulness of Bonnie’s book.  The bonus is the stories–of real people, in real disaster situations, who define the oft-misused word “resilient”–the ability to endure the adversity at hand.  Even without the invaluable information, these stories of courage are well worth the read.   

So, do yourself, your family, friends, and community a favor.  Experience “Extreme Weather”….the book, that is….and be prepared!!  

P.S.–Just to set the record straight, I receive no compensation for this endorsement–it is based purely on my belief in Bonnie’s book.

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